I will always remember of this wonderful meeting I had as a child…

Our holidays at the castle will always remain a fond memory.
Evenings passed by with the reading tales of lands far away and seeing my brothers and sisters play.

My favorite place was in the kitchen. A young lady with a delicate touch and wonderful freshness was preparing a warm drink; gently stirring the melted chocolate close to the fire. She would dip little cubes prepared from mysterious ingredients come from lands far away, brought to us by pilgrims guided by their lanterns. Brilliant fruits, small nuts still hanging from their stems, glowing honeys of bewitching aromas.

These scents and sites captivated me as I watched in silence, all whilst learning her secrets.

Thanks to her I learned this wonderful passion of chocolate making.

I never knew her name, but for me she shall always be…

… la chocolatière

Our history

Since 1970 we have proudly stood at 14 Avenue de Mon-Repos in Lausanne, selling our hand made chocolates to our faithful clientele as well aspassers by.

Jean-Claude Currat, our founding chocolate maker, gradually developed a reputation of creating delicious mastepieces, specialising inmilk chocolate.

In 2012 the reigns were passed to a new organisation who’s hospitality knowledge and passion for chocolate and fine foods enabled a quickly step into the driving seat, also giving the shop and laboratory a makeover.

The development of the brand La Chocolatière is taking place with a new team, supported by Mr. Currat, who has stayed on as our Senior Chocolate maker.

We thrive to uphold the high quality our customers have been accustomed to, also engaging in new partnerships to make our chocolates available further afield.

Come and visit us to see how the shop has developed and grown into the buzzing environment it is today and meet our young, dynamic team.